Maggie and me crop 1Hello!

I’m Rachel, owner and operator of Westside Pet Friends.  Working with pets gives me the opportunity to help animals every day which I love. I have had had pets throughout my life including dogs, cats and even a pet rat.  I also get the satisfaction of helping people and their pets to have better lives and a more harmonious relationship with each other. 





How I Got Started

I fell into dog walking by accident when I was asked to take care of some dogs in my neighborhood. I became interested in developing a dog walking service in response to the busy lives we live which leave so many dogs home alone during the day for many hours with little time for their owners to walk them.  My clients consider their animals part of their family and they want them to have a quality life despite long work hours and busy schedules.



My Vision

My vision was also to develop a service that addressed all aspects of a dogs well being, not only with exercise, but also their overall health and emotional and mental well being.  Every dog has a role, a purpose in the family. They understand and do more for us then we often are aware of and respecting and nurturing these special souls is a privilege and an important part of caring for them.  I treat each dog as if they were my own; addressing any issues and finding what will help them have more balanced and happy lives.  I am also interested in natural and holistic approaches and utilize Reiki in my work.