Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How long have you been in business?

I’ve been taking care of dogs and pets in Santa Monica since 2006.


Are you insured?

Yes I am insured.  I am also pet first aid and CPR certified.


Who is actually taking care of my pets?

Me.  The rare occasion where another staff member might be used would be only with your knowledge and consent, and only after meeting with them.


Do you do overnights and weekends?

Yes I am available for overnights and on a limited basis on weekends.  I also have a great overnight pet sitting team who step in when I can’t, but only with your consent and after meeting with you and your pet.

Overnight stays are $75 for 12 hours, approximately 7 PM-7AM .


Do you do group walks?

No. I work one on one with your dog.  I believe this is the best and healthiest way for your dog to get exercise.  Check out my page on Dog Walks where I explain more about this.

Exceptions to  individual walks would be multiple dogs in one household, or in rare circumstances when neighbor dogs know each other, have the same exercise needs, and love each other’s company.


Do you train dogs?

I am not a trainer but I do know a lot about dogs and training tools.  I always reinforce positive behavior and good habits and can support any training regimes you may be using with your dog.

See my page on Good Behavior  for more about how I address behavior issues.


Can I see a list of references?

Yes, please call or email me at westsidepetfriends@gmail.com and I will send you my references.


Do you take dogs to dog parks?

No, unless specifically requested by the client.  I do not generally recommend them.  See my Blog Post entitled “The Problem With Dog Parks”.


Do you do longer hikes?

Yes, for active dogs that need more  exercise we can schedule a longer visit, 2 hours or more to accommodate a longer walk or more strenuous hike.  Travel time to hiking locations away from your neighborhood are included in the visit.

Please note that in hot months we do not do hikes in the hills due to the danger of rattlesnakes.


Do you administer medications?

Yes, I am experienced with administering medications to animals.   I also can take your pets to vet appointments and I regularly do a full body check to see if there is anything physical that needs to be brought to an owner’s attention.


How do I know when you’ve been there?

After every visit I either text you or leave a note (your preference).  I include what we did, times I came and went, any fun and noteworthy events, or anything you need to know from our visit.


How do we get started?

Just call 310-968-6504 or email me at wspetfriends.com to set up a free consultation.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets.