Good Behavior


Good dog behaviorI am not a trainer, but I know a lot about what dogs need to be happy.  I focus on socialization, exercise, and reinforcing positive behavior.  I can also incorporate any training regimes you are doing during daily visits.  Some of the most common behavior issues I see involve aggression, anxiety, and fixations.  These are all stressful mental states and addressing them leads to a much calmer and happier dog.



Our Happy Clients



My name is Dolly.  I am a very smart German Shepherd and my job is to take care of my house and family.  I didn’t get a lot of training and I am a take charge kind of dog.  When I see other dogs on the street I get very aggressive because I need to protect my family against threats.  Whenever I pass them I go crazy barking and pulling on the leash and I am really strong.  My mom can hardly hold me.  When Rachel came to walk me with me she didn’t let me bark or pull on the leash.  She has me walk right next to her and tells me that she is in charge and that I need to listen to her.  She tells me the dogs we pass are not a threat and that I can be be calm.  She also showed my mom how to be firmer with me too and I listen to her now.



LilLatteMy name is Latte and I am a little guy.  I used to live in New York City where there are lots of dogs that I would say hello to every day. I was always a perfect gentlemen.  Then we moved to LA and I met some dogs who were not very nice. They were aggressive and attacked me and I was just trying to be friendly.   I got to be afraid of dogs and aggressive too because I didn’t know if they would be nice to me or not.  I only wanted to feel safe.  When Rachel walks me she makes sure I know she was is charge and protecting me and that the dogs we meet are friendly.  If they show that they are going to be mean to me we don’t say hi.  Rachel tells me I don’t need to be aggressive and she makes sure I know I am safe with her so now I can enjoy meeting other dogs again.



I’m Rigley. I’m a Border Collie and I need a lot of exercise.  On our walks my mom lets me off the leash to run up the hills looking for squirrels so I can get my energy out.  Now  I am so obsessed with squirrel hunting I look for them everywhere and forget everything else, even that I am on a leash. I pull my owners down the street trying to find them. Rachel came to walk me and she took me to a different street where I am not used to seeing squirrels.  She walked me away from the bushes where they hide.  Every time I got distracted and wanted to look for squirrels she called my name and made me pay attention to her.  I started to listen to her lead me on the leash and relax and enjoy the walk without pulling.  I am so smart I catch on fast.  After our long walk I felt so good and relaxed.  My mom said I was much calmer at home afterwards.




I’m Sadie and I get so anxious when people or workmen come to the house.  I bark and bark. I get so stressed out and just can’t stop.  One time it was really bad when the gardeners came.  Rachel came to see me and she started petting me and scratching my belly to calm me.  She also did some Reiki on me which helped me feel relaxed.  Then we had to go out for our walk but the gardeners were still there and I didn’t want to go out in the yard.  She told me that I didn’t need to bark, because she was protecting me and wouldn’t let anything happen to me.  She was very firm so I believed her.  I was still a little wary walking down the driveway and kept looking at the gardeners, but Rachel made me pay attention to her and reminded me that I was safe and I didn’t need to bark.  I didn’t bark once and afterwards she praised me a lot.  I felt so good because all I want is to feel safe and please my humans.



close up kittyMy name is Lulu.  I was living outside and inside but some new cats came into our neighborhood and bullied me. I was so traumatized that I started always hiding and I became anxious even when I was at home. I had to be outside for most of the day so I couldn’t escape them. Then my family moved to a new house where I could be safe, but I was still stressed out from my bad experience.  I went to stay with Rachel for a few weeks.  She put some herbs in my water to help me feel not so afraid and did Reiki on me almost every day for 2 weeks.  Reiki feels really good.  It is so relaxing and I let every bit of tension and stress leave my body.  When I went to my new house I walked right out of my crate as calm as could be. My mom said I was like a new cat. I wasn’t anxious anymore and didn’t need to hide.



 Please note – Aggression in dogs can be dangerous.  If your dog is exhibiting serious levels of aggression towards other dogs or people, contact a professional dog trainer immediately. Aggressive behavior should be addressed right away. I can make referrals to good dog trainers in the Los Angeles area.