Holistic Petcare


Holistic pet care is considers the whole animal’s wellness and includes their physical, emotional, and mental needs as part of their overall well being.  Behavior problems may stem from or be enhanced by health problems, incorrect diet, lack of physical and mental stimulation, or emotional and physical stresses.  One or more of these factors can affect the behavior and happiness of an animal.





What Dogs and Pets Need

Dogs need to be mentally and physically stimulated everyday to be energized in spirit and to be happy and well balanced.  This requires daily exercise, a healthy diet.  They need companionship and love.  They need to know their place in the family, their work and purpose.



What We Do

We always observe the needs of the whole animal, being aware of what is going one with them physically as well as emotionally, relating to them one on one and giving full attention.  We also regularly conduct a full body check to see if there is anything physically on the service of the body that might require attention from a vet.  We also try to stay aware of good natural healing remedies for animals and great vets in the area.