Bach Flowers



The Animal Relief Formula is a composite of remedies specifically designed to alleviate stress and suffering for animals that have experienced severe emotional or physical trauma, abandonment issues, or need help transitioning to a new home and family.  This is a great remedy if you have just adopted an animal from a shelter,  if your pet is going for surgery, if you are leaving them for the weekend, or for anything that causes stress, anxiety, and fear.  I have been using this remedy for over 10 years with amazing results.



Where to find Bach Flowers


Flower Essence Services (FES) carries the full Bach Flower Line and The Animal Relief Formula.  It is available at The Santa Monica Co-Op or online at  This company produces the remedies as originally intended by Dr. Bach.  Feel free to call or email me if you have questions.



What Are The Remedies?



Bach Flower remedies are dilutions of flower materials discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a renowned London physician and bacteriologist who gave up his practice and research in 1930 to devote his full time to the finding and the perfecting of his method of Flower Healing.  He sought remedies in the plant world which would restore vitality to the sick and ailing.  


There are 39 Bach flower remedies and several composite remedies. The remedies are intended primarily for emotional conditions, and can assist in calming negative emotions.