DSCF0293“Rachel is simply amazing. First, and most importantly, our dog just LOVES her. He always wags his tail and gets super excited when he sees Auntie Rachel! Second, she is trustworthy, beyond reliable, caring, and goes above and beyond her job. She will text or email updates with how our dog is during the day, and any time we are away she sends us pictures! In short, Rachel is the perfect person to walk your dog and we feel very, very lucky to have her.”   –  Steve and Ariella, Brentwood




Sunbath“Our family, especially our two dogs, loves Rachel. She is lovely to deal with and knows a tremendous amount about dogs. I have a large and not that friendly German Shepard who is totally different around Rachel-nicer and less aggressive! Rachel knows how to handle big dogs and little dogs. I also have a newish terrier who is figuring out that if she leaves the house it doesn’t mean she’s going back to the pound. Rachel is very calming. I depend on Rachel and I would be at a loss without her.”   – Sharon,  Pacific Palisades



paws in a line short


DSCF0314“Quite simply, Rachel is wonderful. I need only see the look on Maggie’s face and the happy dance that she does when Rachel comes to the door to know that they have a very special relationship. Rachel goes above and beyond in making sure Maggie is always getting what she needs.  She is observant, intuitive and an excellent communicator – there’s no better feeling than to know our dog is not only being taken care of, but cared for.”     –   Alex, Pacific Palisades



paws in a line short


golden“When Rachel first started coming our dog Grace jumped up on people and pulled in every direction on the leash and had some bad habits that were frustrating to deal with.  Now she is so much better, even our neighbors have asked us what we are doing different!  Grace just loves Rachel and is so happy when she comes to take her out.  Rachel makes sure she gets the exercise she needs to get her energy out.”  – Danielle, Santa Monica




close up kitty“My cat was very unused to human contact before she came to Rachel. She been mostly living outside, and was a nervous wreck, actually, skittish and slinking away when you tried to come close to her. She was a lot calmer after her time with Rachel. She was less freaked out all the time, and seemed to have settled down in some deep way.”   –  Anne-Katherine, Los Angeles



paws in a line short




“I would highly recommend Rachel for a dog walker. I trust her wholeheartedly with my dog Dolce. She gives one on one special attention and when Dolce sees her she is so excited to go on her walk.  She takes the best care of my Dolce and has a calming affect on her.” ~ Tamara, Santa Monica